Important note from the Chinmaya Mission Iowa City Education Committee


1. A nominal donation of $100 is requested to offset some of the maintenance

expenses. The goal of Chinmaya Mission is to provide the service to all the

people. If anyone has financial difficulty, please contact us.


2. Bala Vihar is for children from pre-school to the 6th grade, and Yuva Kendra

is for children of Junior High School and above. In each program, children are

divided into different groups based on the grades they are attending in school


3. It is important that all children attend the classes regularly and be very

punctual with the time schedule of 10 AM sharp, to obtain maximum

benefit from these programs.


4. It is essential that children complete their assignments and come prepared for

the classes. Children must come with their Sunday School bag, assigned

books, a note book, and pen or pencil. Please label everything with the child’s



5. Study Group for adults is held simultaneously with the children's classes.

Parents are requested to make use of this invaluable opportunity to educate

and prepare themselves, and to help and guide the children.


6. The concluding prayers are a very vital part of the Bala Vihar. All children

and adults must attend the concluding prayers.



7. In the best interest of the children, the parents are requested not to remain in

the children's classes.


8. You may contact the child's teacher, if you have any questions or need

additional information.


9. The Education Committee requests all the parents to submit written

suggestions to further improve our educational activities.


Chinmaya Mission Iowa City Education Committee